Indonesian Proficiency Tests A1 to B1

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You already know some Indonesian and want to find out whether you classify as a beginner or intermediate learner? We have the right tools for you. That is Indonesian Language Proficiency Assessment Tests.

But also when you are already a seasoned speaker of Indonesian with a high level of mastery in the Indonesian language (bahasa Indonesia), our proficiency tests can help you to determine your level of mastery and expertise in Indonesian according to the CEFR scale. CEFR is widely acknowledged as the international standard for describing language ability.

As a first step we advise you to take the CEFR self-assessment test. Here you can easily test yourself whether you are a beginner (A1-A2), an intermediate (B1-B2), or an advanced learner (C1-C2) of Indonesian.

Once you have established your approximate proficiency level using the CEFR descriptors and/or the self-assessment test, you can use the following tests to establish your proficiency level.

For Beginners to Intermediate Learners (A1 to B1)

Take this test to find out your current proficiency level in the Indonesian language.
Time yourself. You must complete the test within 8 minutes without any assistance.

Calculating your Proficiency Level

The highest score of this test is 15.
12–15 B1 Your proficiency level is at least B1 or intermediate. Take our Advanced level test.
07–11 A2 You speak basic Indonesian.
03–06 B2 You are a beginner.

The above tests were developed by Uli Kozok


You can help us tremendously in improving our proficiency tests by comparing your test results with the level descriptions and by taking the self-assessment test. Please let us know whether your self-assessed proficiency level is coherent with the result of our test. Thank you!

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