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  • With the Platinum Membership, you enjoy unrestricted access to all seven of our courses, including teacher books, spanning from beginner to advanced levels.
  • The Upper Level Courses Membership is designed for learners with intermediate proficiency, offering six courses at the intermediate and advanced levels.

Both bundles provide you with 5 years of membership access. Indonesian-Online Platinum can be extended free of charge.

«The Indonesian Way» (Beginner)

This course is designed for beginners and learners with limited proficiency in Indonesian. With 113 lessons offering nearly 300 hours of learning, «The Indonesian Way» delivers thorough instruction.

You can chose between three membership levels:

  • The TIW Basic Membership is for those who want to test the course for one month.
  • The TIW Student Membership is the most popular choice, offering access for 2 years.
  • The TIW Premium Membership is for teachers and students who want to get access to the in-class exercises, student handouts, additional sound files, quizzes etc. Access is granted for 5 years and can be extended once.

Intermediate Level Courses

«BacaYuk!», «AnekaBaca», and «Pak Bei» are our intermediate level courses. Each course membership lasts for two years. «BacaYuk!» and «AnekaBaca» provide approximately 60 hours of instruction each, while «Pak Bei» offers about 40 hours of instruction.

Advanced Level Courses

«Serba Serbi Nusantara», «Anak Jalanan» and «Ada Apa dengan Cinta» are our three advanced level courses. Each course membership lasts for two years.

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